Public Domain Name Service DNS and

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Public Domain Name Service DNS and

First, the link between the two and , two IP addresses are part of the public Domain Name Service DNS them, but also because it is not for commercial use, both DNS are pure, do not worry because ISP DNS operators resulting from hijacking and other issues, and are provided free of charge to users.

  Second, the difference between the two

  1, is the mobile, Telecom and China Unicom generic DNS, mobile phones and computer terminal can be used, clean and free of advertising, parsing success rate is relatively high, domestic users use more, but the speed is relatively fast, stable, is domestic Internet users commonly used DNS

  2, is DNS GOOGLE provided by the company, the address is a global, relatively speaking, more suitable for foreign as well as access to foreign sites users

  Third, how to choose DNS

  DNS for Internet users, just like the truth lighthouse and maritime personnel is the same, a reasonable choice of DNS can effectively help us prevent DNS hijacking, improve Internet speed, then, how reasonable choice DNS do?

  1, select the local clean DNS

  Currently medium to large sites in the world are based on CDN content distribution to do so to ensure that users can access nearby, improve access speed, a lot of sites use DNS as identification, so if I am in Beijing, has chosen Shanghai the DNS, the site is likely to be regarded as Shanghai and guide users to the server up in Shanghai.

  But fortunately, many sites are now based on IP addresses to guide the user.

  2. Select the safe non-toxic, free DNS

  At present, there are a lot of free, safe and non-toxic DNS, such as the common Baidu provides, Ali offered and, previously mentioned

  Fourth, how to set up the computer's DNS

  1, click Control Panel, click Network and internet

  2, after entering click Change adapter settings, right-click "Wireless Network Connection" and select "Properties"

  3, in: "This connection uses the following items" in the "internet protocol (TCP / IPV6)" preceding "step" removed

  4. Double-click "internet protocol (TCP / IPV4)", the Properties dialog box appears automatically obtain an IP address unchanged

  DNS address: Select "Use the following DNS server address", to manually fill DNS server address, preferred is; standby to (or fill)

  5. Click OK

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