Notes about AVIF (AV1 Image File Format)

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Notes about AVIF (AV1 Image File Format)

I have written that were examined for AVIF.

Still image format using a video codec

Format which applies the codec of the moving image to a still image has appeared several is.

WebP is those using VP8.

HEIF is what using the H.265 or H.264.

And AVIF of the main subject of today is using the AV1.

In common these video formats and codecs, which was the source basically, since has become plus a little hand to the container, if already the video format such as a browser is supported, with little change also to the still image you should be able to support.

AV1 Image File Format (AVIF)

This slide is more for AVIF. Also written a lot about the AV1.

Specification of AVIF is still a draft stage. You can see here.

Looking at this AVIF will find that that's an extension of the specification of HEIF.


AVIF should know first HEIF to know, it is here of the slide was just right for me.

Implementation and test files of AVIF

To this page has been written in various ways.

Although I have been introduced in that, in this page so that you can view in your browser AVIF using the implementation of WebAssembly of libaom. Interesting. In the hand of Firefox I was able to display.

AV1 test file

Netflix AVIF files
Microsoft AVIF files

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